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The best ULPA Air Purifiers of 2017

The best ULPA Air Purifiers of 2017

The air is so much polluted that it contains some pathogens and dust particles that can harm the health of people or cause allergies and some diseases too. Air purifiers are useful for these people to filter out these minute particles. Usually there are two types of air purifiers ULPA and HEPA.


Also in certain conditions it is necessary to have pure and clean air. Some of these applications are


  • Biomedical air filtration
  • Vacuum cleaner filters
  • Airline cabin air purifiers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing


We can list some of the ulpa air purifiers that that can be used for the above-said applications.


  1. RyuGo Ultrasonic Diffuser – 26$


Key Specifications


  • Tank capacity- 300 ml
  • Electricity consumption- 11.5 W
  • Ultrasonic frequency- 2.4 MHz
  • Cable length – 150 cm


Product features


RyuGo Ultrasonic Diffuser has a compact design and is wood grain coated. This portable air purifier can be used in any setting office, house or any area where you need to purify the air. It is easy to use. Just fill the tank with water and add a few drops of essential oil.


It has five mist modes


  • 4 hours low mist mode
  • Continuous low mist mode
  • 4 hours high mist mode
  • Continuous high mist mode
  • No mist


It has a seven color led light feature too.


It has an auto shut off and works in a whisper quiet sound with the use of ultrasound technology.


Having a capacity of 300 ml it can last up to 15 hours.


It helps moisten your dry skin and breathe easier and unblocks stuffy air and eases your sinuses.


The product comes with 1 year warranty.



  1. Gooloo ultrasonic air purifier – 30$

Key specifications


  • Water tank capacity- 300 ml
  • Working time 6-8 hours
  • Timer 1h/3h/6h/on
  • Spray quantity 30-50ml/h
  • Coverage area- 25-30 sq m


Product features


Gooloo ultrasonic air purifier has wood grain coating and in this ultra-fine aromatherapy mist is created using vibrating sound waves


You can use it for 6-8 hours having a large capacity of 300 tank. The timer can be set from 1/3/6 hour or continuous mist mode. It has an auto shut off mode too.


7 colors of LED lights allows you to choose the color and the brightness from dim to bright. With this air purifier on you can peacefully do your work as it does not produce any bothering noise.


Fill the tank with your favorite essential oil and enjoy its mist and aroma creating a relaxing and calming effect and get benefits therapeutically too.


It comes with a one year warranty.

  1. Kekilo ultrasonic air purifier – 32$


Key specifications


  • Water tank capacity – 300ml
  • Input- AC 100-240 V 50/60HZ
  • Ultrasonic frequency 2.4 MHz
  • Working time 6 h and more
  • Cable length -170 cm


Product features- this humidifier keeps your indoors fresh and keeps the space humid. It has three mist levels continuous mist mode, intermittent mist mode and no mist. There are 7 color rotating LED lights.


You can use this device to humidify and purify the air in the inner space. This helps reduce skin infection and helps relieve stress.


Fill the water tank and add the required essential oil and put it on in any of the mist levels and use any of the light colors.


Enjoy the aroma spa in the office, home or any indoors.