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Essential Air Purifier Accessories and Parts

Essential Air Purifier Accessories and Parts

You’d think that with air conditioning in your home, you’re guarded against all pollutants, pollen and dust, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Sometimes air quality in your home can actually be much more polluted than the air outside because many gases, viruses, bacteria and dust particles remain unfiltered. If you want to breathe quality air and live in a healthy environment, air purifiers, humidifiers and other filters need to be a necessary part of your everyday life.


However, these devices too need to be coaxed and pampered to give their best. After all parts wear out and need to be replaced; while accessories help these devices to work better. Let’s look at a few of them and see how they add to your comfort level.


Filters don’t last forever and need to be replaced because


  • dirty filters can cause respiratory problems and affect overall health
  • clogged filters cause units to work harder and hence energy efficiency decreases
  • not changing the filter at least every four months is likely to increase your monthly utility bill


Home Revolution filters are made to fit HEPA air purifiers. They are meticulously designed and are very essential for those suffering from allergies.


Combination filters

The true HEPA Replacement Filter B is a combination filter that includes true HEPA filter, a pre-filter/ charcoal layer. While the latter removes large particles and household odors from the air, the former captures particles and allergens to the size of .3 microns.


  • It’s compatible with many standard HEPA air purifiers
  • many levels of cleaning ensures purer and fresher air
  • removes odors in the air
  • easy to install and are reliable

However, if air purifiers are used throughout the day, these filters need to be replaced at least every 4-5 months.

Activated carbon pre-filters


Every pack has 4 filters and these are highly reliable. Low quality filters can cause damage to the HEPA air purifier itself and that’s very expensive to replace. They are


  • highly absorbent filters
  • use high quality charcoal
  • made extra thick to ensure that odor, pollutants and chemicals don’t escape
  • easy and fast to install- cut and designed for specific air purifiers


Odor absorbing air purifier filters


Designed to absorb odors from the surrounding air, these filters help to keep the air pure and fresh. They detoxify the air and allow homeowners to breathe fresh air that’s not adulterated with pet or household odors.


Wick filters for humidifiers


Humidifiers help decrease the water content in the air we breathe and this pack of two wick filters are ideal for Vornado humidifiers. They are of the correct height and thickness and perform very well. These wick filters are


  • made from high quality materials and are thick
  • filter circulating air and also absorb moisture simultaneously
  • need to be replaced regularly for best performance



Negative ion generator modules

are easy to install and cover an area of 200 sq. Feet. They have the capacity to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns.


Air purifier cell cleaner

cleans the cell plates on your air purifier. It washes away the dust, stains, and removes any deposits and residues. It protects metal and plastic and helps to keep the air purifier in good shape.